Yoga Services

Vinyasa Flow

Synchronizing movement with breath to seamlessly move from one posture to the next – the quick movement of flowing through the postures provides for a great flexibility practice. Learning to move with the breath is crucial to the practice.

Power Yoga

Is a fitness based version of vinyasa flow as the same postures are practiced yet power yoga aims at prolonging your stay in the asanas to create strength in the body.

Yin Yoga

Is a slow paced style of yoga – its aim is to work on the connective tissues of the body – the deeper layers of fascia, joints and ligaments to release tension that resides on these areas. Poses are held anywhere from 1 – 10 min. Props may or may not be used.


Poses are modified to help accommodate the discomforts of pregnancy as well as to help accommodate a growing bump and baby – the use of props helps to lengthen, stretch and help momma relax throughout the practice.